Tuesday, March 30, 2010

need a bit of pick me up :p

have to admit..been so effin lazy updatingthis blog.
the mood is not exactly 100 % fueled UP!!

but ill try to list (again) 10 things that makes me terribly HAPPY.. So here they go!

1. Chilly Winds on this supposedly already hot end of MARCH!
2. Mixed Raw Nuts ( Almonds & Walnuts are just the best)..
3. My new Cheapo Vintage Glasses ;)

4. My warm & thick bedcover ...
5. Colorful Nail Colors
6. Ice Cream Toppings! nyuummmmmyyy..
7. A Good Book i found recently about a balancing meal menu (DON'T LAUGH!!) XD
8. Frozen Yoghurt
9. Early Weekend Getaway ! (gonna go fishing this weekend..yayyy! Kisses for beloved boyfriend who is kind enough to take me there! XOXO )
10. A Simple Me Time

So ..how's your list so far ??

Let's Share the Love,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

how i wish ... :)

[wish i can be this cute..hihihi]

[or this cute..haha]

too bad jakarta's weather forbid us to use such cute outfits! ckckckckc.... ;D ;D

- image from : the sartorialist -