Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's happiness to you ? :)

"when happiness is with you, glow it along, so people around you will be sparkled with it too"

lotsa kisses :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yup! Slacking time is officially over!
Slaving time will come tomorrow morning haha...

Libur ini ngap aja? Mmm...mostly quality time sama munyu dengan 'house cleaning' hehehe ;) ;)
Rutinitas hari2 dari beberes pernak-pernik rumah,mbener2in yg rusak (ehm..yes majorly done by him ofcourse,me just watching hihi yg ada gue dengan sukses membuat dol salah satu piranti listrik hahaha...maap ya hihihi),nyiram taneman tiap sore,dan lain2 dan lain2 :D

But,frankly speaking,it really made my days :)...rasanya fun. Honestly! Gak trasa capek sama sekali.walaupun hbs itu ms ada aksi inem2an segala ngerangkap jd master pijat!!! Bcanda2an di sela2 house chores sambil 'ditakut2i' sm munyu klo ini ntar jd bagian sehari2! Nyaah nyaah...kayaknya dia yg mesti takut deh,secara gue suka accidentally bikin alat2 mbledung!! Hahahaha :) :)

Pas hari trakhir ini,jd mikir,kok liburan cepet banget ya abisnya? Sekilas2 si sempet ngerencanain next vacation on march,tp gak tll harap2 bgt, nampaknya I'm on the point of quite content with everything as it is :)

Mmm.....ocey,time to recharge.need to zzzz zzz.gotta get up and chase that handfull of diamonds on my office by the riverside tomorrow morning...

Kisses ;-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Is it good ?

Shake the mouse and the screen saver will dissolve.
Again you see, realistic mounting works you've been avoiding.

Hit the scale.
Again you see,realistic numbers you've been hiding from.

When everybody nods and give their approval.
Should you just follow?
Should you just muted your screaming heart and fake a smile?

Reality is here to greet you good day.
Is it good???
Is it ???


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Holiday is here ! ;)

Been waiting for this time for quite a while. this past few weeks loads are bit heavy & overwhelming.

So to make it up,proudly saying,plan on doing nothing this holiday.

Ha-ha! Its not exactly 100% accurate though, doing nothing as in no trip plan. As you all know,that my current uhm-uhm office is not generous enough to let me have a leave before 1 year! So yeeppp! No extra days for moi 8 X]

But........ House needs to be clean,and the grass definetely needs to be cut!
So yes, busy busy days are ahead :)
But never been happier.....

Happy holidays guyz :D

Monday, September 7, 2009

when is another backpacking timeee ?? :D

i do miss it, badly.......!! ;)

How could you not love them ?

hope your monday goes well, deep breath,with deep anticipation of next week long holiday...yyiiaaayyyyy !!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Wishlist

1. Read all my 3 new books i bought last night... i just open 1 of them and read it before i went to bed..funny, so funny! fa, you've outdone yourself! totally good reading..

2. Clean up my messy bedroom, and might as well put my 4! (oopss) new flats from mommy back to their box in front of my still so busy admiring them before i go to sleep ;) :) xixixixi

3.Morning jogging.... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh riteeee :D :D but i do really wanna do it actualy ;) honestly!

4.Having a good back massage.

5.Sleep til noon :D :D :D

meanwhile, here i am at 2 PM in my office, yawning like crazy.i wanna go home.

Dear Pillows at home, i need to be next yo you

;) :) have a great weekend all

kisses - kisses

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Poem during Dry Season (maann, it's hard!) :D :D

From this moment on..
We will walk on this path side by side
A Journey starts with endless surprises

From this moment on..
Love is ours ,as strong as the first time ...
and will grow stronger each sunrise and sunset
when we say hello to beautiful roses in our garden
when we kisses each other goodnight and call it a day

From this moment on..
We will hold on to an eternal bond.
A Sacred Vow
A New Life


actually this is not a curhat colongan.
Ive been trying to draft a poetry for wedding print ad's body copy in a wed magazine.
Like i said before...i'm still a bit DRY! wakakakakaka... :D :D i will post another draft if i can came up with other idea. dan kalo lately notice di blog gue banyak banget image2 cup-cup an hehehe.... jgn manyun yahh yg puasa xixixi :D :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

nite thought...

Eventhough we don't know what will happen in the future, let's just be sure that everything is good hands.

(Earthquake note,10PM,in my bed)


saying good bye it is never an easy thing.

during lunch time, a friend of mine dropped the bomb.
He said that his working contract is no longer being extended.

Actually, i got the feeling about quite sometimes on this thing..
But still, i was shocked :(

i know that sometimes things in our office is not exactly heavenly.
Sometimes we got into dispute or disagreement with other party / department.
But i never thought it will lead to ... aah too sad to mention :(

He just laughed while he explain his new found situation. But who knows what's inside ?

I really dont know what to say.

I just hope that he will find better opportunities elsewhere.

i'm totally speechless..


a bit dry ...

the fact is ,it is so cloudy outside and the ground is still wet from last night heavy pour, yet this inside my head, i'm so dry.

Run out of fresh idea.Run out of things to visualize in my head.

Baaaaaaaaddddd condition, indeed.



geezzzhhhhh, i feel like i am as stale as one carton full of expired milk :D :D ........

---- padahal, aku sangat suka hari yang mendung dan berawan.jadi gak maksimal menikmatinya nih ;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

voila! it is a .......... ;) ;) xixixixi

and i am still a bit puzzled about where to begin with.

since this is a very new "situation" for me hehehehe...

but i am happy,very happy.

for all of dear friends who knows the long trail of the story that had happen, you all must be thinking... duile dul lama aje ye! gpp.

i think everything happen for a reason & everything is beautiful within its own time (eh kayaknya gue salah deh ngenggrisinnya..bodo ah! he-he-he).

thanking Him and His abundant blessing and care is one thing.A very big thing for me.
(i love Thee, so much)..

i dont think i can express my self just how much this situation has make me feel truly blessed.
it gives me the strength to look at a lot of things in a different & new perspective as well... :) :)

i know that this little step is stil gonna be looooong, but hope our first baby step is leading to a "better" everything hehehe :)

also realize, out in the front there will be pebbles and stones a long the way.

but as for now, sooo haaaapppppppyyyyyyyy.............