Monday, August 30, 2010

window display

often touched with so many make ups
and we are wooed by its beautiful face
designed to lure
and meant to attract

often it is not really what you hope you'll get
and we are tempted to go inside and check
drawn by the images
and feel the urge to step inside

we really have to be careful here ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

nothing you confess

-source of image : le love -

just in case i forgot to tell you ...

- i think i have made the right decision by marrying you
- i love the way you see us in the future
- i love love love your passion on living
- you are the reason i ever wanna get married, i'm not sure i would made it this far if it weren't with you ;)... i never wanted to get married,until i wanna be married to you! feels wonderful :) :)
- i know that i'm a terrible person & hard to be with,and i LOVE you for loving me the way i am
- i love the way your skin smells in the morning
- your explosive rage! i found it very sexy-sexy! :P :P

i'll see you tonight :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

the effort to keep healthier lifestyle

as far as i remember,i was heavy.
not heavy as in obese or very overweight.but heavy.
in simple, fat.
it is not a very nice word to be heard.specially when it is being said to you.
but over the years, i have began to shake the slight hurt and laugh it off.
i became unaware of my health condition. i was just living my days without healthy planning at all.
i ate whatever i wanna eat. i ate whenever i wanna eat. nevermind that it was a huge slice of double choco cake and it's almost midnight.

But a shock in the early 2010 hit me. as long as i live (specially when i know im already in an overweight zone) i NEVER hit the scale.i didnt know what came over me that day and i stepped my feet.74 kgs (148 pounds).
and sudden fear crept in.the flashing thought ohf heart disease,diabetes,stroke, and whatever just come flew..

My then boyfriend [now lovable husband ;) ] support me through all this.
i decided to change my lifestyle.
it was not easy, even until now.
i slowly reduce my food intakes. (im a huge fan of fried foods & chocolates)

actually i didnt came up with a magic plan or anything.

These are some of the simple steps that i do until now :
1. regular exercise. (everyday or every other day, 30 - 60 mins cardio exercise)
2. stopped eating white rice for almost six months,now i start eating it again but in small portions.
3. i dont drink colored beverages to this day (no sodas,or any softdrink), i only gulp on tea (sugarless) & plain water... but occasionally drink some milk :P :P
4. reduce fried foods intake .[THE HARDEST PART]
5. more veggies on my plates :)

it is not always smooth sailing.i struggle each day.but the result is making me smile. i lost 17 kgs already.
now, im having a hard time loosing another 5kgs.i think my body is in the comfort zone... XD XD

i still wanna keep the lifestyle i lead,because now i begin to enjoy my night run at the gym.Fast paced walks with husband.Outdoor activities and so much more..

there were days that i wanna slack off & eat junks, but then i keep telling my self.
"the healthier the body the happier the mind"

i have to keep the effort alive!!

i know you can too ;)



loving these pairs
and crazy over these dresses, i think i can show the pattern to the seamstress xD

Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

About the hair...

this hair keeps getting longer (& sadly,thinner!).
So i made a pact to give my hair a new life (after mine too ;-D ) hahaha.. by cutting it real short.
These are the ones that i have in mind. VOTE PLEASE ;D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kami, dan kisah 9 tahun yang menyertai ...

hari ini seperti hari2 biasanya, saya bangun pukul 06.30 pagi..15 menit lebih cepat dr alarm yg saya set 06.45 (hehehe... aneh ya, jam segitu aja bangunnya masih pasang alarm..kayak mau bangun subuh aja xD)
tapi ya itu, stelah klak kluk klak kluk saya mulai beberes n mandi krn harus ngantor.
Rasanya hari kok seperti terbang...

dan tiba2 hari pernikahan sudah di depan mata.
Ketika termenung dalam perjalanan ke kantor pagi tadi saya seperti mereplay kembali perjalanan saya bersama dia yang hampir 10 tahun kami jalani ;)
Saya tahu banyak yg akan berpendapat bahwa kami terlalu lama berpacaran,pernah juga sebagian bertanya apakah kami pacaran putus-sambung, atau pernah long distance dan bbrp pertanyaan yg muaranya sih kira2 ini : "kok bisa lama banget? ngapain aja? buat apa pacaran lama-lama?"

Sejujurnya kami pacaran seperti normalnya orang berpacaran,saling mengenal kemudian semakin dekat.Tidak pernah long distance,tidak pakai putus sambung, dan semuanya mengalir...Pada prakteknya memang ada banyak kerikil yang membuat jalan kami sedikit berliku dan menjadi kurang mulus. Tapi saya mungkin juga diberkati pasangan yang begitu sabar (i love you so much, munyu) dalam menghadapi kerikil2 kami,sehingga semuanya justru semakin membuat kami bertambah erat.Sehingga waktu yang panjang utk ukuran sebagian orang kami jalani dengan sangat santai & hepi ;)
Dia untuk saya adalah yang terbaik, with all his bad and good side ;-D .
Aduhh klo nostalgia begini suka bikin saya menye-menye deh hehehe...

Persiapan kami sejauh ini sih tinggal yang kecil2 dan final2..Doakan kami agar semua lancar ya... ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Is this real ?

it seems that we will get this for our honeymoon :)can't thank them (& You) enuff....