Wednesday, December 30, 2009


me + boyfriend got a similar mad craving! ha-ha! so hilarious & crazy that we caught up in this new hobby so much..spend our times together laugh,laugh,and laugh...making silly comments...
{but so sooorryy dooorryyy can't reveal THAT hobby is}

but it's more than fun..come to think of it is abit silly, but really-really a stress & tension release

hmmm....we even got this little checklist :D makesure we didnt forget anything /anybody on our list :D :D
{curious just yet? betchaaa!}

how we are having fun with it!



-silly me is signing off for 2009 see yaa all next year!! xoxo-

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

.with your heart.

The tagline upthere seems so simple and natural, yet it's not so easy to do.

I attend the most true, unmasked and very real talkshow by 3 beautiful and powerfull women yesterday {Obin Komara,Susi Pujiastuti, and Suzi Hutomo}.
...and the talk rolls in to a very basic and substantial issue.

The Talkshow itself called "Wanita Wirausaha,Berbisnis dengan Hati"
In all my working years (the 7 years of it),i feel that though i have try to accomplish more in my career,decide to leap from my major study in college to work in a field i enjoy more, inside i still feel that a proffesional career is not a final frontier for me. I always wanted to do things on my own but still feel gutless (is that even a word?? ) to jump.

One thing they said in common is, as the tagline goes...Do it with your heart.
Put all your thoughts into it,Dreams about it, Work on it, and make it a reality.

A very precious pointer that i picked from Obin is :)- "Be original!"
Keep invent something, because a copycat will never last.
Because of her persistence and patience and also passion BIN HOUSE is so succesfull now,nobody denies it.

Same thing with Susi Pujiatuti,deep inside her tough ironlady-like appearance,it touched my heart to hear her story about her dropping off school and struggle to stay independent! how she and her husband was the first party to arrive during Aceh Tsunami 5 years ago!

It feels so amzing how,if you GIVE ALL YOUR HEART INTO IT! everything will come.

I tend to whine alot,used to complain and forgetting what you should do to keep things on track! hence i also didnt come from a wealthy family so i guess it makes the matter worse,dont you think? I ABSOLUTELY HAD NO REASON TO BE LAZY & EFFORTLESS!

My heart is still empty with ideas,but i know i CAN'T GO ON LIKE THIS.
The will to start doing SOMETHING YOU LOVE & BE SERIOUS AT IT has to be BUILD.

I dont want to be just another office worker.
I need to do something on my own in my future.
Something original,something that i'm good at.

xoxo {thinking} :P :P :P

A little bit down ...

I was so happy this morning actually,but somewhow the feeling defleated.
I am so confuse of how this spin the bottle thingy pointed at me, all of a sudden.
Leaves me with many 'whys'

If sometimes things are beyond my limitations, then the limit is my fault.
The inisiative was my mistake.
And all the run out times are just totally mine, to blame.

I feel so blue :((

Thursday, December 17, 2009

bits & pieces

My home style is : ethnic minimalist ;) *idk if that's a style though..haha lol*

I’m fascinated by : the power of forgiving! & of course people with great determination :D :D :D

My favorite local shop is : monunik,nitnot blue, and cotton ink!! (okaaayyyy more than 1 i knoowwwwwww xixixixi :D :D

My favorite piece is : at the moment my braided headband wear it 24/7! practically hahahaha

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hunting Season is officially started :))

yep, starts from tomorrow and forward i think we will be heading to very-ver-very busy days :D


Monday, December 14, 2009

i'm setting the MOOD ;)

dumdumdum..tramm tramm tramm ;) ;)

-source of image : project wedding -

Thursday, December 10, 2009

kissing under the ...

{more reason to love christmas}


What a beautiful morning...

got an xtra day off today, plan to see some craft exhibition
and goofing around with dearest niece.

Must have menu for today : cookies & cream ice cream (i dont care if it will be hot or there will be blazing rain today..hahahaha)

Can't thank Him enuff for the blessing he keeps giving us.
Everything happen for a reason, and i never thought this will be this beautiful
Come to think all the years back even i wouldn't dare to dream for all this to happen to us.

psstt...... we got the date already ;)
:) :) :) kisses