Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Updates updates...

lets see,what have i been doing for this past month?
mostly all things yadda yadda yadda & a lil bit of excrutiating workload :(
Its almost end of year,which means budgeting starts.must calculate every tinsy winsy little project details.Mostly blaah and totally boring.But i survived though.with help of tonz and gazilions amount of snacking time. ah ha ha...
and we (me & dear husband) had several projects also aside from our 9-5 load it really took up our time.but since this is PASSION,we were really happy.
and to top all of this up,husband went on a business trip to Medan,West Sumatra and flew home with all this delisioso snacks (AGAIN!!) hihihi.ME MORE THAN HAPPY!! meanwhile i spent a lovely time with besties in Bandung,west Java.
Went to huge flea market ,stayed in a fab inn and eat great foods.It was all well spent i said.SUCH A RELIEF
Here are some of our FUN-FUN-sorta candid momentos