Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Health Progress Update

let's see, how far i've come since last year. i have made a pact that i need to loose weight earlier this year. and then i've tried.HARD. i lost about 16 kg.
For 2011 my resultion is loose another 5 kgs. and i feel it will be a harder jouney.
My body is in the comfort zone now. putting on anything or didnt put on anything the weight is still remaining THE SAME. truth is, a bit tired sometimes & wanna put it on a autopilot mode for a while.And i did for the last couple of month i didnt really dieting or being strict.but not went over board also on the food thingy. i eat regularly like a normal person does. (whatever defintion for normal is) hahaha.

But now, i want to be back on track.FAST LANE.FAST SPEED.
So the goal for 2011 is to continue my regular exercise (hopefully i can commit to three times a week) and back to non rice meal :P

If you wanna know my diet & exercise plan, you can update me by reading it daily.
I will update my progress (weight & meal). I do this in order to have a better overall feelings bout my health in the long term.

Ok here's my weekly plan :
MONDAY ==== Weight : 59 kg

bfast : a bowl of cereal >> DONE
lunch : 1 portion of green / leafy veggies + 1 portion of meat (no rice) >> DONE
afternoon : rujak without the palm sugar dressing
night : 1 portion of veggies + 1 small portion of meat (no rice)

drinks = plenty of water & sugarless tea >> DONE, tx God i'm not a heavy fan of sweet beverages

exercise = 1 hour cardio, devided into 4 sessions.

I will update daily of my accomplishment whether i succed or bend a little bit from the route. :) :)

Let's plan and do some action. Eat healthily live actively.EVERYDAY.

Happy MONDAY :) cheers
meanwhile, let's check my newest beautiful acqusition :) to cheer up my diet plan

Friday, December 17, 2010

happy weekend

what's your weekend plan? i will be fully booked with some cooking activities,wire jewelry class, and some minor chores.Husband is away on a fishing trip @Binuangen, he is ecstatic,spent the entire nigh last nite packing & listing all the things he need tomorrow.Thank God i found the loose capucheon jacket that he like at ITC yesterday.He needs it.though the color is a bit cringe-y (soft purple)!! hahaha. It was the only loose shirt they have w/ capucheon, others are with very thick material (jacket like).It's not what he needed.
I actually plan on going back to east java this end of year,but oh NOOOOOO!! the ticket prices are syrocket high :) it will not be very wise to stick on the plan.need to resched.
i miss baby deanna soooooo much. this dear niece of mine is getting cuter by the day, my lil sister (her mom) thinks she's a handfull but still, CUTE THE MAXXXX!! miss youuu!! X]
as for the office matters,things went blahs n nothing worth reported :P :P it feels like only counting the days pass by..funniest thing, i actually FORGOT that i will be on duty this saturday, so more office time for moiii!!! *SIGH*
ok now, it is almost 5, i need to pack and going back home :) ENJOY THIS SAT & SUNDAY ALL(picture above is somewhat irrelevant with this posting, but wth, hehehe)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

House of Alexandrine (H.O.A.X)

It's finally here!!
The yummy cute flats made of real leather handmade with delicate beads
Perfect for any busy or casual activities, or yet even an afternoon rendez-vouz

:: Product of Handmade Real Leather Goods ::
All products made of cow leather or otherwise stated.
For inq : Emma 0815 - 885 7036 add pin bb : 312f4eba
Happy Shopping :) :)

Kisses :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bangkok Recap!

sawasdee kaaa!! hihihi, forgot, back in jakarta already not in bangkok anymore hahaha..
so, bangkok was wholelotta fun indeed,needles to say.great mini hideaways for me for a while.
airasia touchdown @9pm at saturday night.husband was so ready n already waited for me at the airport (yep, we took different flights). i was beyond happy to see his face at the arrival gate,and we go straight to Suanlum :) :) husband was very understanding.(insert poker face here :P)
we grab a quick bite there, and walk around the market until about 12.30pm.
Sadly yes,because of the riot most shops are still renovate their lots so (or maybe i came a bit too late?) not really much to see.
So first thing on Monday morning Catucak is our destination.AND I WAS SOOOO FRIGGIN EXCITED with all the splendours they offer hahaha.Yes, i snagged 3 outfits,1 flipflops,1 veryyy cute agenda,and .....what else? I FORGOT hahaha...we stayed until 6pm.
since the weather was so sunny, can't really resist to gulp some sweets. we were like two hugry pesks :D :D any colored water you name it we gulped it. Green Tea Latte, Cocoa, Teh Tarik, Soft drinks,not to mention relentless snacking also.. fried banana,chicken wings,assorted sausages,otak2 goreng (yes!! they have it!! TASTES AS YUMMY AS OURS!!) OH GOD! delish lunch (duck noodles :P :P) no wonder i gain a little weight (i found out later on bout this).
Our backpacking hostel was so comfortable.Reasonable,clean and strategic.
We stayed in Banglampoo district where mostly tourists stay (the el-cheapo ones like us haha).
I think nowadays Bangkok is more like Singapore with it's growing and vast advance tech they have. Basically BTS & MRT are very helpfull :) and cheap. Also the local bus.
Me and husband always try to use public transportastion instead of easily hailing a cab and ask the driver to go tour desired destination.It was all so worthy to be explore! you will miss alot if you just sat behind the driver's seat :) believe me.
So commute! Wander around everywhere with your foot,bus,train,subways!! FUNN!!
While maybe in the near future bangkok is gonna be still on our a bit far list to be re do,i will definetely miss it. :) :)
Ok, back to work nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... :P

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December :)

waaaa.... it's almost end of year, me terribly happy! husband managed to sneak me into his business trip to Thailand this weekend.So i'm preparing things (ha, i know by preparing means listing places to see,food to eat, and endless narcisistic photo session plans)and hope that i wont forget anything.
This is like the 100th of time i will step foot in the land of White Elephant Land, and every trip always excites me.I LOVE THAILAND.
Needless to say that food choices is almost never bad (Those mouth watering fruits,fish snacks,pork chips..bla bla bla). And places to see is guaranteed always MORE THAN GREAT!!
But rumour has it that Suan Lum, my fave-fave fave place is shrinking half its size because of the last riot.i dunno.gotta check it.
Chatucak is still on the list. Husband put his itenerary in ours,wanna know what it is? we are going to see the famous MYSTICAL TATTOO ARTIST :) :). Im as intrigued as he is.
I plan to see IKEA,Pratunam Market, and i dunno lotsa others.
Is it MBK gone already? ckckck...

I hope this trip will be divine.

Can't hardly wait XD