Friday, December 23, 2011

you are so good :)

At creating the rain
Sneaks thunderstorm
Bringing in the clouds
And close the curtain in black

And also..
At quench it real hard
Punch it
And throw it towards the wall

Until it is broken
Into thousands of scattered frames

Until it is blacken
With all the faded memories inside

Until it is dry
Without a single living thing grow over it

Afterall these years,
I can't belive it

Damn, you're still so good!
Congratulations ;-)

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Notes on Weekend

we must just follow the flow, and do what our heart said :)

List of Happy Chores & Happy Times :
1. Final Packing for our 'permanent' move to our lovely home :)) ^^smiling widely
2. Meeting with some people for new projects! *anticipating*
3. Preparing Rooms for dearly sisters that will come from outta town next week
4. And cute lil niece tag along! YAY!!!!
5. Refill our Fridge with delisioso Ice Cream and all things chocolaty :P
6. A morning weekend walk with H <3 <3 <3

What are yours??


Friday, November 18, 2011

Can't Believe it is Weekend!

OOooowwwwwh! What a tough & stressful weekend ;-)
ok, not complaining...but i feel so exhausted hahahaha, humongous pile of work,tight deadline,and...etc etc..

But i try to really accept the facts that in life you have to brace for some windy days, even thunderstorms. Hard as it is,life must go on!

In Rocky roads, i believe support from loved ones strengthen us! More than we can really imagine ;-)

And keep n mind there are other side of the sun :) The Bright,Shiny and Warm one :)
The one that gives energy!

Here is something, ok maybe this is more for me :))

One of my passion,my stress reliever ;D #batik antiques #

afterall, this is weekend yes ??? Have a smashing One!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 - Pacific Place

I - totally - LOVE IT! Beyond Happy! And Look at This Fairy Princess

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello Sunny Monday!

Let's keep our spirit | Let's keep doing things we love | Let's keep our dreams alive!hAPPY MONDAY!!
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Friday, November 4, 2011

suddenly ...

dark clouds | windy days | cold thunders | i miss you, more..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

House Updates (Con't)

Love Love Love Everything about Our House :)and this is the face of our future front seat couch, finally! (hahaha,not yet...these are made to order... they will come in : yak 2 MONTHS!!) a bit long for a production but we love 'em so much!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The House Update

i really love weekend
the time that me + H can really curl up, doing absolutely nothing :)
haa haaa... sounds like heaven!

Some of our furniture arribed and settled already, though minor mishaps showed up here and there. but i guess that's normal , no?
Considering we build the house and furnish it without the help of contractor or even interior designer :P
we trial and error almost everything.

One thing that failed (ok there are two):
1. The Chairs.
They are not suppossed to be very bulky and stiff like these!!
they made the product so different from the picture we showed them.
So back to chairless living room...and : HUNT AGAIN!!!!

2. The Kitchen Set
We put a glass wall over the table top..and turns out, not very kewl idea :)
it's broken already when we install the pipe over the sink :(
so maybe we switched to the natural stone mozaic (as we originally planned actually!)
-> ill show the pic later :D

But i have a favorite spot also, places that i can really be relax and 'do nothing'
this is one of the spot :
We made floor to ceiling library and put some floor decorative application from wood, where we can read the books in 'horizontal' position!! Our fave :P

I'll be back with MORE!!!
meanwhile??? ok, lets back to work people!!!
tick tock tick tock.... two more hours to go! :D
(this is our lovely house's facade... Thank You God, Thank You H)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life's Update

So how is it been? Mmmm... life is great :) TG

i'm at the new office already, for the last 2weeks.Husband too...but this is his first week.
i'm adjusting+settling in, still hardly knew anybody, since my place is abit excluded from all the 'CROWD'. But so far all the response is positive.

A bit busy with all this new thingy. but so so so ...EXCITED!
Hopefully this is a better start :)

i will update soon, meanwhile this is the "FACE" of my temporary crashing place.
I have no permanent place,yet.

new office perks:
oh, i live so close now with my long lost passion (now the condition has been revived again!)
Guess what it is? yes, the dearly ever so lovely - ITC Kuningan!!! *BIG GRIN*

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memories of Sunflowers

i forgot how i used to love these.

Today,on a spirit of really doing nothing on my final days at this office i stood and stumbled upon this pic.
How i remember time passes us by
Sometimes on a blink of an eye and we really can not turn back the time.
Good times i have shared.Worst moments come every now and then
But after a walk on the time length it is all really just a memory.
Memories we left behind. Some to remember, some we are trying to forget.

Like this yellow buns. Creeping in and bring a lot of new hopes.
I just think that the road ahead will not be as simple. or as familiar but i guess i have to come in well prepared.
For i have been waiting for these moments.
For these clock tickings that i bear every day :)
This blessing journey ahead is with me

A new place with absolutely no compass [all i know that i have to move forward]

As i stood again,once more in this room.
6 days left and im halfway done packing.
This room, the room ive been spent most of my time for almost 2.5 years.
Soon only be memories.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

what i have been up to :)

1.First Upload House of Alexandrine
Thank God, the appreciation is good :) Some made to orders made already, the ready stocks are well accepted also :) Thanks God, Thanks God

2.Adding Craziness to my Batik Bag Collection.
Enuff Said. Husband's Wallet is literally draining hahaha...So sorry ;) but this is really2 my disclaimer. Im ready to give up on many things.
But on this one?? NOT JUST YET hahahahaha

3.Trying to squeeze ideas into my buzy days :D
hahaha, not exactly jam packed! but yes, i had a hard time since this 9 to 5 of mine demands humongous amount of focus time. not to worry! will add extra strength on this!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tears on my pillow

i can't move my tongue to tell you these

i'm so helpless and tired to fight
cant say the words i should say
cant point you the things you should see

many mistakes i have done,yes
many ways i did wrong,yes

broken paths lead to loneliness here, all alone
when words are like sharp knives
and i just cant run from deep stabs

when all i did was wrong
when all the things scattered to pieces
when all are negatives

I cant find peace,
even in my sleeps
even in my own thought
even in my silence

whatever i say will be wrong
whatever i do will be meaningless
whatever i do will be seen as a way to hurt you

if that is the the case,
why does it hurt so bad in here??
Here inside my heart

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011


holaaaaa, it is May already ;-)
i haven't been able (&available :D) to update the blog, since tremendous amount of things need to be done.
Mostly work related (i know, blaaaahhh) hihihi.

But alot of things zings zings (read : travel back and forth) in my mind. Designs related. and it annoys me so much that only a little thing that i really can pour into reality. I need more time.
Being a single fighter in the project is fun, since all the ideas and all the plan come from MOI (hahahaha) - and husband ;P but.... all the hectic part is also mine & mine alone.

I keep my spirit high though! This is the season of blooming flowies & Sunny Weather and all the fun activity. I just need to gear up and speed up the speed!! Can Do!!

What a fun Monday....kisses

Pending Project:
weightloss program :D hahahaha

i put the picture of my monday office working table, messy, i know :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

when things don't go as we expected...

i always wish that future holds more chance :)
and i will keep on walking, without looking back

i always believe things will be better,eventually
and put some more effort to make my strength stays with me, all the way

i need to walk out of the room
i need to smells the green grass under sunny day :)
i need relentless laughter with you to poof the clouds away
i need your arms,and your shoulder too

and when it finally gets better,smile :) as wide as you possibly can
i think it's soon ;-)

(for a dear friend,
who thinks now is her low point... no worries
this life is so grande with all other butterflies & flowers
you just wait....
things will come around...
let's make a go for it!!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

lately ...

for moments of hard days in the office, there is always a cure...or maybe more than 1 :Di'm so waiting for tomorrow ;P

Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's been a while since ...

1)i crave over maxi dresses, this looks yummy no?
2)i put on a pair of high heels
3)or a pair of pretty wedges (hahaha)
4)i gather with nearest & dearest (i miss them all) our so called busy life strangles us all :)

this weekend's gonna be a long & full one too :) keep the spirit high,fingers crossed


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

send me

to a place far
to a place so soothe
to a place so warm

when it's cold and nobody hugs
when it's wet and you are without umbrella
when it's scorching hot and you left your hat

i wanna visit my savannah
i wanna kiss the flowers and play
in the middle of meadows

can you take me there,now?

Monday, February 21, 2011


hehehe, it's been a lousy week since the terrible cold is here.
Actualy i had it since Bali (means 3 weeks ago rite??? hooowsssshhh!!) and then it get a little better, but i went to East Java to visit my little niece (she's so smarttt and a handfull, hahaha) then it got worse again '( to this day. It's a bit better now but can't say im 100% recovered yet. But do hope i ll be better :) :)
So, what have i been up to?? Sick but i'm trying to be productive :P :P (or so i said)
A bit busy with pile of batiks plan to be cut as cute dresses...See below and you'll be tempted :Dand still going back and forth to BSD City to check out our house progress (it will done within a month !! yippeyy!! i love you,husband )
so far we are almost done with the room interior,fish pond,and the terrace...maybe next will be our family room and kitchen drawer set...just can't wait :P
just wait the whole picture then ill share it, so far it is still a huge mess hihi
and,i feel the passion of applying for new jobs again :) is this a sign? Hopefully so. I think maybe that this place is about time to receive someone NEW ,do hope i will be with the new job soon ;-)So what else?? oh! Health Progress & Weight Loss Program? I plan to get back on the program next week,when i fully recovered from this flu.Period :)

Happy Monday guys.xoxo
this blouse is soooooo cute right? wonder what husband will think of this xixixixi

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


and i gaze through the window
and i feel so deeply falling
a hole so deep and i can't get out
yet, i can't scream & or say someting outloud

this paste on smiles you see everyday
this fake laughter you hear has linger to stay

dream is no longer a dream
words are hard and can't be uttered
the wall is getting thicker
the certain blocks are bigger by the day

when are things start to get in the way
when are happiness is so far away
everything is so simple then...

where is my savannah, my playground and windmill
i saw a whole huge void with nothing inside

i miss the green grass & sunflowers
straw hats and picnic basket
lemon juice,cookies and ice cream :)

i get lost

image taken from : story&order=9&offset=360#/d25y8eb

Monday, February 7, 2011

the story with Bali (ok, mostly ubud) :P

just a short recap, still feel a bit unwell, maybe too tired..?? nevertheless..i was having marvel times :P enjoy the posts

red light stops :)

my love :) a bright red love :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love story continues ...

a love so simple, it needs no word. just feel it :)
The Feel of a handpainted Love, Spirit & Passion
it writes it's own noble story
within times, the soul lives forever

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Handpainted batik that i love

i just can't get these outta my mind :) so pwweeettttyyyyy, can't wait to have it made in to a beautiful XL tote bag!

A [brand new] day after the storm

see the clear perfect horizon
with a warm yellow light,along with the sunrise ;)
soft winds woke you up.
and then you realize,
this is it.
A time to have a chance
to make it all better gain :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

this is

only in my dreams
only somewhere in my sea of thoughts..
only then i can only close my eyes
and drift far away
please don't let me die [in silence]
please give me a reason [to stand]

so i guess, this is just ... an imagination

Sunday, January 2, 2011

ola,it's a new day!

happy 2011!
when i look back at yesterday,2010 was surely such an important year for me, and maybe for my family as well. cause on last august me&dear husband (then-lovable boyfriend) decided to get married.After our long (& happy& fun) almost 10 years dating journey ;)so yes some of the 2010's memories was happy ones.
but a bit of a shock news came from my close college friend Trimeinanto Kuswandito(we use to call him Mas Adit),he passed away a day after christmas.and yesterday we visit his grave & dropped by to his house to his family's house @south Jakarta, where his father shared to us his battle with leukikimia for about three months.and when mentioned that Mas Adit didnt want anybody knows about his sickness.
So this is new year, i know it will surely brings al ot of hope for all of us.
But it is never wrong to glance back for a moment,and took a long look at our past.
And we will know, what our mistakes.our bad mishaps.and all the sweet memories.
so we will definetely appreciate all our moments ahead,with our lovelies ;-)

Dear Mas Adit,
We feel so lost, and we lost you
but we truly knows that this is the best
and this brief goodbye of ours ended the pain you had for so long
so, we will always remember good times we shared.
Laughter,relentlessly back then. And let you go now ;-)
Til we meet again...

Happy 2011 ;-)