Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's been a while since ...

1)i crave over maxi dresses, this looks yummy no?
2)i put on a pair of high heels
3)or a pair of pretty wedges (hahaha)
4)i gather with nearest & dearest (i miss them all) our so called busy life strangles us all :)

this weekend's gonna be a long & full one too :) keep the spirit high,fingers crossed


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

send me

to a place far
to a place so soothe
to a place so warm

when it's cold and nobody hugs
when it's wet and you are without umbrella
when it's scorching hot and you left your hat

i wanna visit my savannah
i wanna kiss the flowers and play
in the middle of meadows

can you take me there,now?

Monday, February 21, 2011


hehehe, it's been a lousy week since the terrible cold is here.
Actualy i had it since Bali (means 3 weeks ago rite??? hooowsssshhh!!) and then it get a little better, but i went to East Java to visit my little niece (she's so smarttt and a handfull, hahaha) then it got worse again '( to this day. It's a bit better now but can't say im 100% recovered yet. But do hope i ll be better :) :)
So, what have i been up to?? Sick but i'm trying to be productive :P :P (or so i said)
A bit busy with pile of batiks plan to be cut as cute dresses...See below and you'll be tempted :Dand still going back and forth to BSD City to check out our house progress (it will done within a month !! yippeyy!! i love you,husband )
so far we are almost done with the room interior,fish pond,and the terrace...maybe next will be our family room and kitchen drawer set...just can't wait :P
just wait the whole picture then ill share it, so far it is still a huge mess hihi
and,i feel the passion of applying for new jobs again :) is this a sign? Hopefully so. I think maybe that this place is about time to receive someone NEW ,do hope i will be with the new job soon ;-)So what else?? oh! Health Progress & Weight Loss Program? I plan to get back on the program next week,when i fully recovered from this flu.Period :)

Happy Monday guys.xoxo
this blouse is soooooo cute right? wonder what husband will think of this xixixixi

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


and i gaze through the window
and i feel so deeply falling
a hole so deep and i can't get out
yet, i can't scream & or say someting outloud

this paste on smiles you see everyday
this fake laughter you hear has linger to stay

dream is no longer a dream
words are hard and can't be uttered
the wall is getting thicker
the certain blocks are bigger by the day

when are things start to get in the way
when are happiness is so far away
everything is so simple then...

where is my savannah, my playground and windmill
i saw a whole huge void with nothing inside

i miss the green grass & sunflowers
straw hats and picnic basket
lemon juice,cookies and ice cream :)

i get lost

image taken from : story&order=9&offset=360#/d25y8eb

Monday, February 7, 2011

the story with Bali (ok, mostly ubud) :P

just a short recap, still feel a bit unwell, maybe too tired..?? nevertheless..i was having marvel times :P enjoy the posts

red light stops :)

my love :) a bright red love :)