Monday, August 31, 2009

mommy is in J - city :)

*she said its hot...but she enjoyed it anyway...specially lunch @ hj Mamad :D :D *

Thursday, August 27, 2009

la la la .....

thank you for just being you,
without artificial sugar coating
without extra topping that sometimes we don't need
without whipped cream and cherry on top

because you is more than enough :)

ouw dear freckles ...

*kayaknya freckles gue tambah hoo... kbanyakan main sih yaa hehehehe*

Monday, August 24, 2009

Me & the Country ;)

got a very wonderful chance to visit one of my good friend's country house on Sunday.
It's @Sentul.

Had a very nice time played in her backyard and also wander around her neighbourhood,where we find lotsa cattles + papaya garden (ripe!) yuumm + and also a very cold water sprinkler...

Refreshed! totally :D :D

Happy Monday Guyz

Friday, August 21, 2009

before weekend update

1. this week is so crazy full with Grand Launching, cm seneng kmren udah klar dan besok weekend.. me happy!

2. i miss my niece terribly, since all i can hear is her loud babbling over the phone. Deaaaaaaaaa i misss you soooo ..ughhhh cubitt ni!!

3. i cant wait for next week... mmmm! deg2an dikit.... :D :D :D

4. feel so blessed eventhough we both very tied up with our own world this week, we still manage to have a warm conversation everyday, between work, afterwork..sometimes until we are so sleepy and dunno what else to mumble :D ! hahaha.. i love you boy!

5. i just hope that this weekend i can really do nuttin' and stretch my feet(maunya!) hehehe...

folks, if you re bored to read this i understand, sometimes it bores me too :D :D :D

Adios, have a great holiday

lotsa kisses

*i always love the view from my window..really a great place to wander*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recent Craving....

* kapan bisa dijemputnya yaaaahhhh.......* oouuu uuuu dear melisa :)

siap2 dikepruk seseorang deghh :) :) huehehe.... what can i say, im weak, so weak! ha ha ha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sebelum waktunya pulang ....

lg bayang2in pingin punya rok panjang motif jepang (dulu kayaknya pernah ngetrend ya..kapan itu ??) hehehe telat deh... pengen :

+ hunting ke toko kain cheapo yg jual motif2 jadul !
+ cari penjahit murmer di ITC yg jaitnya super kilat - cespleng - lgsg jadi (ngarep)
+ jadi laparrr & mendamba salmon sashimi (loohhh...gag nyambung -dikiiitt, kan bau2 Jepang)

kurang lebih roknya begeeeneeeeeee :D *mohon maap klo gambarnya gag sip yah*

A Random tuesDay :)

this morning feels soooo cold .... i am practically freezing in my room, and a bit too lazy to work :D *hahaha*
if only i can wear this to work i think i can be warm + stylish at the same time

our recent road trip to west java was very wonderful, did lotsa singing
- him mostly, sung outta tune, haha, kidding love -

got what we both want ... (maybe i will post later on what he got..hmmm, he looks fab! in it)

during those hundreds kilometers here one silly moment caught, out of boredom !
(maceettttt + banyak truk2 segede gaban !! ) hahaha

Monday, August 10, 2009

Latest Addition

Thanks to lovely some1...i finally got it!!

A very beautiful & simple brown leather bag!

it is very roomy, and light. Jaitannya rapiihh bgt!! ME likey!!

it is a neutral one that i can carry it through any season :D :D

*senyum2 terus sambil liatin tas, gila kali lu Ma!* hehehehe..........

(pardon for the bb's camera pic quality)


Thursday, August 6, 2009

boring thursday....

1 more day to go before off to weekend....
*setting the mood ready*
urgh argh.... boring, so boring, what a boring thursday :D
maybe a bit of flowers can cheer me up..............
ssssshhhhhhhhhhwwwwooooozzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D

this window reminds me soooo much of macau and all the wonderful memories behind it,how i miss all of it :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

why is it always so messy ???

guyz, signing off from today's works :D :D

i will leave you with the original everyday look of my table... feel free to snicker + mock hehehe....

Quote of the Day

"There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness."

- Dalai Lama -

i couldn't agree more !! :) :)

Mood for Wed ?

la la la.... tram tram tram di dum dum...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crappy Office Day 2


ternyata berlanjut terus crappy nya, mmm mmmm menyebalkan!!
but i gotta learn a new and a few moves in here.

yes,moves. but of course not a political one. GOWD. not that one.

this is just a thing i have to prevent bad things happen.

like an office umbrella. just like an office raincoat.

i wish it will keep me safe. it will make me dry.

count 1,2,3 ............... AND OPEN THOSE EYES WIDE OPEN !!

the thing i really need :D :D :D

just when i thought that i need more shoes.... *uhuk-uhuk-uhuk*

i gotta say the thing that i need most is the home of those pretty heels :)

so im thinking , bought it or make it my own with customized designs ???

mmmm mmmm mmmmm


instead of doing this...

or have a situation like this ...

i really wanna - kinda - shoulda make sumtin like this :D looks better, ritey ..


Kewl in BW :) :)

amaaaazziiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggggggg.... :)

camie... so cute :)

gwen soooo beautiful!

mk & a --- so absolutely fab !

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Bucketfull of life...

Haaaahhh!!! Duuuuuhh!!!
I'm just soooo pissed! If you were thinking you're so damn great,so damn smart, and so damn perfect...well, you shud bring a huge mirror everywhere you go!

Aint nuttin pretty,aint nutin sweet..

Ah yes, it is just you, with flaws.

Just like the rest of us mortals dear...

Wakey-wakey ....

*efek PMS + crappy office day*

skrg mo off to bed, the pillows are still waiting,patiently..
:) :) nitey

Newest found affection...

ehm- ehm... uhuk uhuk uhuk... it's a weekend gift :) :)

im smilingggggggg.............

This monday's wish :

1. i'm still curl up in bed and catching up on my reading...

2. i will be having ice cream for lunch ...

3 . i am able to be out in the sun ...

4. i can create a new scrap book (from scratch!)

hehehe.... so whiny and annoying :D :D but *sigh* what can i say.... monday always brings me and my imagination faarrrr, faaaarrrr, dan going further from reality :D

im thinking....dum dum dum..... la laaa......sleeping zzz zzz zzz