Monday, November 22, 2010

cheer up & smile :)


i will not be crumbled upon crashing
i will not be drowned upon a boat's leaking
i will not be broken into pieces upon hard throw on the wall
i will not be walking on the road of disaster

if for some reason i am here,
i know i will be.
i know i have to be.

if for some reason i am telling my self to go on,
i know i really been thinking
i know i need to do it

if for some reason i am still standing,
i hope the ground is still standing with me too :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

there is always a way

to spend one day holiday with besties :

kisses =)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(still in) BATIK HAZE

im waiting for this,looks pretty isn't it? :)


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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

into deep thinking mode

in two weeks i'll be very busy (hayaaahhhh) with launching preparation for delisioso leather flat sandals..yum yuum yumm :) Ready ? and i am in the midst of contemplating names.The Brand.i will keep you all posted. xoxo

yummy batik from Batik Snob

I think we all agree that we are very proud to have Batik as our National Heritage.
For me, batik for long has been my favorite attire for almost every occasion.I am a true batik frenzy.Nothing fancy though, so far im trying to keep it as simple (& affordable) as possible.
But, many times i have difficulties with choosing color selections since mostly many of batik collection is so 'DARK', and i love fancy & bright colors.
Of course i browse familiar brands and they have them in candy colors,or bright ones that i love ,but they are too pricey for my wallet (pardon my lack of moolah in here )..hehe
So i keep browsing, and the BRIGHT DAY CAME!
[Drumrollss please]
This vendor answers my long long lost passion for colorful batik with style.
I found its collection to be very affordable with wide range selection item,yet feels very personal since it's only make one color combination for it's collection.
So no duplicacy nightmare :) or a sudden twin in the crowd :) :)
The slight hiccup is how to get the collections. Since its fans are increasing,everytime it uploads new collection,guaranteed there will be a very long line for the product.
But personally it has never been considered as an obstacle for me to BOOK the collections :)
As a newbie,below are my latest possesions ;-D Love them all so much..
Thank you Batik Snob :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


listen to your heart
listen to your every beat
close your eyes
and try to listen,deep

what does it say to you
when nobody else is listening
what does it says
what does it tries to tell you

you know what you hear
it sounds so clear,as the water you see in your backyard pond
and wonder why is it so hard for you to really understand.

heavy stomped on the chest
everytime the voices play in your head.over and over
and within seconds the wounds slither and reopen.
for the 100th times.

you know what to do
yet, the courage is no longer a friend.
it dies
along with your cheer happy heart.

sometimes,back in times when everything matters
but not today
not now

you stand on top of this huge globe
totally alone, and it starts to rain
heavily.blizzard & wind.