Friday, August 21, 2009

before weekend update

1. this week is so crazy full with Grand Launching, cm seneng kmren udah klar dan besok weekend.. me happy!

2. i miss my niece terribly, since all i can hear is her loud babbling over the phone. Deaaaaaaaaa i misss you soooo ..ughhhh cubitt ni!!

3. i cant wait for next week... mmmm! deg2an dikit.... :D :D :D

4. feel so blessed eventhough we both very tied up with our own world this week, we still manage to have a warm conversation everyday, between work, afterwork..sometimes until we are so sleepy and dunno what else to mumble :D ! hahaha.. i love you boy!

5. i just hope that this weekend i can really do nuttin' and stretch my feet(maunya!) hehehe...

folks, if you re bored to read this i understand, sometimes it bores me too :D :D :D

Adios, have a great holiday

lotsa kisses

*i always love the view from my window..really a great place to wander*

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