Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[singing in the rain]

on the corner of your room

whenever you feel so blue
and the world seems to roar in your head
[time is like a big chain ball]
force you to sit and watch it ticks

and you can't get to think but wonder
how is everything can be so outta place
[totally whacked ]
and beyond your strength

feels like frames you see in the movie
happen so fast and you can't rewind

so you gaze through the window
and see all the drops outside
you are invited to fold all the bad & weary thoughts
[way way way back ...]
the smell of the wet grass & whistling winds
invite you to dance & and have a little song

so be it ..
you walk above the brown soil
& think that something is best forgotten

so be it ..
and let this over crowded population thinks that you are what you are now..
and it closes doors to helps you seek

but the rain, winds, and earth
are inviting you
and lean you shoulders

so YOU'll BE FINE, at least for now

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