Thursday, September 9, 2010

100 facts

1. really really love to read
2. and write, but mostly now it just poems
3. nerdy girl at heart
4. very sensitive (yaaahhhh!! it's true guys)
5. a true rebel
7. recently just dropped about 30 pounds
8. been to cambodia
9. hate hate jackfruits
10.messy & disorganized
11.prefer sappy movies than thriller
12.thinks that carlisle is better looking than edward (SORRYYY GIRRLLLSSSS!!)
13.miss going on hiking trip on a mountain nearby
14.and wish that someday able to go to Rinjani
15.still got no courage to get a tattoo (though would actually love one,BIG ONE)
16.can't stand AC below 20C (hahaha tropical body!)
17.prefers dresses than trousers
18.miss my NIKON d70 ;( mom & little brother live in the states my cute niece terribly
21.miss playing monopoly target is learning to bake relevance to fact no.6 i got 7 pairs of them at my office & 2 pairs in the car (in case of SHOE emergency - hahahaha) is my fave color
25.hope someday i can write for a living.

i guess 25 enough for now...will do some bits later

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