Sunday, January 2, 2011

ola,it's a new day!

happy 2011!
when i look back at yesterday,2010 was surely such an important year for me, and maybe for my family as well. cause on last august me&dear husband (then-lovable boyfriend) decided to get married.After our long (& happy& fun) almost 10 years dating journey ;)so yes some of the 2010's memories was happy ones.
but a bit of a shock news came from my close college friend Trimeinanto Kuswandito(we use to call him Mas Adit),he passed away a day after christmas.and yesterday we visit his grave & dropped by to his house to his family's house @south Jakarta, where his father shared to us his battle with leukikimia for about three months.and when mentioned that Mas Adit didnt want anybody knows about his sickness.
So this is new year, i know it will surely brings al ot of hope for all of us.
But it is never wrong to glance back for a moment,and took a long look at our past.
And we will know, what our mistakes.our bad mishaps.and all the sweet memories.
so we will definetely appreciate all our moments ahead,with our lovelies ;-)

Dear Mas Adit,
We feel so lost, and we lost you
but we truly knows that this is the best
and this brief goodbye of ours ended the pain you had for so long
so, we will always remember good times we shared.
Laughter,relentlessly back then. And let you go now ;-)
Til we meet again...

Happy 2011 ;-)

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