Monday, February 21, 2011


hehehe, it's been a lousy week since the terrible cold is here.
Actualy i had it since Bali (means 3 weeks ago rite??? hooowsssshhh!!) and then it get a little better, but i went to East Java to visit my little niece (she's so smarttt and a handfull, hahaha) then it got worse again '( to this day. It's a bit better now but can't say im 100% recovered yet. But do hope i ll be better :) :)
So, what have i been up to?? Sick but i'm trying to be productive :P :P (or so i said)
A bit busy with pile of batiks plan to be cut as cute dresses...See below and you'll be tempted :Dand still going back and forth to BSD City to check out our house progress (it will done within a month !! yippeyy!! i love you,husband )
so far we are almost done with the room interior,fish pond,and the terrace...maybe next will be our family room and kitchen drawer set...just can't wait :P
just wait the whole picture then ill share it, so far it is still a huge mess hihi
and,i feel the passion of applying for new jobs again :) is this a sign? Hopefully so. I think maybe that this place is about time to receive someone NEW ,do hope i will be with the new job soon ;-)So what else?? oh! Health Progress & Weight Loss Program? I plan to get back on the program next week,when i fully recovered from this flu.Period :)

Happy Monday guys.xoxo
this blouse is soooooo cute right? wonder what husband will think of this xixixixi

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