Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memories of Sunflowers

i forgot how i used to love these.

Today,on a spirit of really doing nothing on my final days at this office i stood and stumbled upon this pic.
How i remember time passes us by
Sometimes on a blink of an eye and we really can not turn back the time.
Good times i have shared.Worst moments come every now and then
But after a walk on the time length it is all really just a memory.
Memories we left behind. Some to remember, some we are trying to forget.

Like this yellow buns. Creeping in and bring a lot of new hopes.
I just think that the road ahead will not be as simple. or as familiar but i guess i have to come in well prepared.
For i have been waiting for these moments.
For these clock tickings that i bear every day :)
This blessing journey ahead is with me

A new place with absolutely no compass [all i know that i have to move forward]

As i stood again,once more in this room.
6 days left and im halfway done packing.
This room, the room ive been spent most of my time for almost 2.5 years.
Soon only be memories.

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