Tuesday, September 1, 2009

voila! it is a .......... ;) ;) xixixixi

and i am still a bit puzzled about where to begin with.

since this is a very new "situation" for me hehehehe...

but i am happy,very happy.

for all of dear friends who knows the long trail of the story that had happen, you all must be thinking... duile dul lama aje ye! hehehe..tp gpp.

i think everything happen for a reason & everything is beautiful within its own time (eh kayaknya gue salah deh ngenggrisinnya..bodo ah! he-he-he).

thanking Him and His abundant blessing and care is one thing.A very big thing for me.
(i love Thee, so much)..

i dont think i can express my self just how much this situation has make me feel truly blessed.
it gives me the strength to look at a lot of things in a different & new perspective as well... :) :)

i know that this little step is stil gonna be looooong, but hope our first baby step is leading to a "better" everything hehehe :)

also realize, out in the front there will be pebbles and stones a long the way.

but as for now,
uuuuuu...im sooo haaaapppppppyyyyyyyy.............


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