Sunday, October 25, 2009

the dream i had lately ....

is about attaining one particular item :D :D no, no, and No! this time it is not about 'the' shoes, or 'it' bag.

This is about something deeper.(nyaa haaa haa....)

Something that i, oh well, we ;p ;p think about lately.

Getting a new camera!!!

As much as we love our two babies and really know that they still work perfectly fine, we wonder how's the feeling about owning only ONE camera but in a newer version.

The two that we currently own:
1. NIKON D70

I know i am nobody to speak about comparing the two major brands on these DSLRs but after contemplating these last years,i decided to stick to NIKON.
Way back then we use to have 2 D70 but i switched to CANON, hoped to modify the camera for IR usage. (that didn't happen) LOL hahaha....
So, looking @ the lenses that we have, i realized that i have to move back to NIKON ;) ;) *do i hear a cheery background sound ???* hehehe

Very aware that im not really a genious at it. I just love taking pictures. hahahaha.

But i do hope that this new baby will be ours soon...


ps .
this is also a direct announcement that we will release these two (d70 BO & 350D Kit) for public. Anyone ????

me@0815 885 7036 for details ;) thank you ;) ;)

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