Friday, October 30, 2009

some random time ... ;)

- on the picture : Renata Isfandiari, my beloved sister -

1. Where is your cell phone: on my desk

2. Your hair: is about a bit too long, with no style! (yaawwwnn....hoaaahhmm) *.*

3. Your favorite food: anything with salmon....and ice cream!

4. Your dream from last night: cant remember it

5. Your favorite drink: the one they have @ pancious, i forgot the name... cocktail sumthin' fruity ....

6. Your dream/goal: to start my own business in designs ;) really would love that!

7. What room are you in: offiz

8. What are your hobbies: scrapbooking, phone yapping, writing...

9. What is your fear: heights! say no more!!

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years: happily living with family & running my own business

11. Where were you last night: dinner with boyfriend

12. Something you are not: quiet

13. Muffins: its been a while since i have them...

14. Wish list items: Nikon D90

15. Where did you grow up: in a small town in the east java & ofcourse J city!

16. Last thing you did: attend the most useless,tense,time wasting meeting!

17. What are you wearing: new stone pendant & batik them so :)

18. Your TV: is flat :D

19. Your pets: dont have any,thinking about getting a husky, but i dont think i have the time to really go with the pet nurturing ritual...hehehe

20. Your friends: are the true friends at heart....more like sisters to me

21. Your favorite store: bookstore, camera store,furniture gallery, & ZARA.. (yep yep that order!) hihihi

22. Your favorite color: GREEN.GREEN.GREEN!

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