Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Learn from mistakes...

A few days ago, a very close friend of mine...ooh she's more like a sister anyway confess sumthin'.

She's done something stupid in the office. When she told me the news she already realize that she's wrong and really worried about what her boss will do about this situation.

She's working in one of the famous night entertainment place (& one of the most expensive place !) in Jakarta. She's been working for almost 9 whole years there, and having a pretty good position.

Once a while everybody can can be a very slippery place sometimes ;P
And this time she slipped hard. This action of hers caused a bit of a messy mishap.
And she has to pay BIG for that..

After everything blows over, we sat on a long conversation and really TALK.
Good this time she didnt loose her job and still manage to do a damage control.

But as i sat there and talk with her, we conclude :
it is never WRONG to be EXTRA CAUTIOUS.
In the office, in Life. Cause the one that has to pay for all the mistakes is always ourselves and ourselves alone. Not everyday we are fortunate to have a second chance.
And not everybody is our life protector. We really have to make ourselves secure on every move.

I know that maybe you feel that you are very down rite now, but realize your great 2nd chance.Love you!


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