Thursday, November 26, 2009

Whisper on the inside of mine

After finishing some body copy material for this week's ad,(i)stretch my feet and look at the huge clock on the wall..Almost 3.30pm.TIME FLEW today!
Jakarta is still very wet and needless to say i think im heading to a very tight jam..LETS'S ROCKK!! (uuu not that kinda jam! HA-HA!)
everything on my desk is so messy and unorganized, and the fact of i'm still out of fresh idea is not exactly a silver lining of my day.

Good thing is, this is the last working day..and i'm so FREAKING EXCITED! about an extra time off ahead. Dozing,Curling,....and maybe shoe shopping! (boyfriend said : "I DON'T THINK SO!!)

My one and only precious niece is in town actually for a whole month so, it is almost 100% GUARANTEED that i will spend MAJOR BONDING TIME with her!
She's just the cutest :)

I'm still on a current new job hunting project tough, this office -COME AGAIN, i'll say it OVER & OVER - IT'S TOO EFFIN' FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!
I blend well in the city.. (or at least that's what i think) hehehe...
I breathe on the soul of that street every single day of my living years in the capital city. And this office that i'm in right now,not that i'm not greatfull,is just not where my heart is.

I heart the city a lot.I love the long Sudirman Thamrin Road. and i miss all of my friends...
To fullfill the thirst and being so DAMN TOUGH on my occurence, i still keep my old living place (only 5 minutes away from my old office) eventhough that takes me MORE THAN AN HOUR! to get me to my new office.

But with all my heart, i love the surroundings, i love everything.I LOVE THE CBD a lot :)

SO the list on my agenda is getting longer, with "THAT" HAPPY PLAN is waiting middle of next year and now this...


Great long weekend all!!


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