Monday, August 23, 2010

the effort to keep healthier lifestyle

as far as i remember,i was heavy.
not heavy as in obese or very overweight.but heavy.
in simple, fat.
it is not a very nice word to be heard.specially when it is being said to you.
but over the years, i have began to shake the slight hurt and laugh it off.
i became unaware of my health condition. i was just living my days without healthy planning at all.
i ate whatever i wanna eat. i ate whenever i wanna eat. nevermind that it was a huge slice of double choco cake and it's almost midnight.

But a shock in the early 2010 hit me. as long as i live (specially when i know im already in an overweight zone) i NEVER hit the scale.i didnt know what came over me that day and i stepped my feet.74 kgs (148 pounds).
and sudden fear crept in.the flashing thought ohf heart disease,diabetes,stroke, and whatever just come flew..

My then boyfriend [now lovable husband ;) ] support me through all this.
i decided to change my lifestyle.
it was not easy, even until now.
i slowly reduce my food intakes. (im a huge fan of fried foods & chocolates)

actually i didnt came up with a magic plan or anything.

These are some of the simple steps that i do until now :
1. regular exercise. (everyday or every other day, 30 - 60 mins cardio exercise)
2. stopped eating white rice for almost six months,now i start eating it again but in small portions.
3. i dont drink colored beverages to this day (no sodas,or any softdrink), i only gulp on tea (sugarless) & plain water... but occasionally drink some milk :P :P
4. reduce fried foods intake .[THE HARDEST PART]
5. more veggies on my plates :)

it is not always smooth sailing.i struggle each day.but the result is making me smile. i lost 17 kgs already.
now, im having a hard time loosing another 5kgs.i think my body is in the comfort zone... XD XD

i still wanna keep the lifestyle i lead,because now i begin to enjoy my night run at the gym.Fast paced walks with husband.Outdoor activities and so much more..

there were days that i wanna slack off & eat junks, but then i keep telling my self.
"the healthier the body the happier the mind"

i have to keep the effort alive!!

i know you can too ;)


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