Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life's Update

So how is it been? Mmmm... life is great :) TG

i'm at the new office already, for the last 2weeks.Husband too...but this is his first week.
i'm adjusting+settling in, still hardly knew anybody, since my place is abit excluded from all the 'CROWD'. But so far all the response is positive.

A bit busy with all this new thingy. but so so so ...EXCITED!
Hopefully this is a better start :)

i will update soon, meanwhile this is the "FACE" of my temporary crashing place.
I have no permanent place,yet.

new office perks:
oh, i live so close now with my long lost passion (now the condition has been revived again!)
Guess what it is? yes, the dearly ever so lovely - ITC Kuningan!!! *BIG GRIN*

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