Friday, October 21, 2011

The House Update

i really love weekend
the time that me + H can really curl up, doing absolutely nothing :)
haa haaa... sounds like heaven!

Some of our furniture arribed and settled already, though minor mishaps showed up here and there. but i guess that's normal , no?
Considering we build the house and furnish it without the help of contractor or even interior designer :P
we trial and error almost everything.

One thing that failed (ok there are two):
1. The Chairs.
They are not suppossed to be very bulky and stiff like these!!
they made the product so different from the picture we showed them.
So back to chairless living room...and : HUNT AGAIN!!!!

2. The Kitchen Set
We put a glass wall over the table top..and turns out, not very kewl idea :)
it's broken already when we install the pipe over the sink :(
so maybe we switched to the natural stone mozaic (as we originally planned actually!)
-> ill show the pic later :D

But i have a favorite spot also, places that i can really be relax and 'do nothing'
this is one of the spot :
We made floor to ceiling library and put some floor decorative application from wood, where we can read the books in 'horizontal' position!! Our fave :P

I'll be back with MORE!!!
meanwhile??? ok, lets back to work people!!!
tick tock tick tock.... two more hours to go! :D
(this is our lovely house's facade... Thank You God, Thank You H)


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