Tuesday, January 26, 2010


and this random post is ready for you to see :D

I like rainy days and rainy season a lot, also a chilly weather.
I like the color GREEN!
I like wearing skirt a-lot! once i went hiking with a long skirt,but manage to survive hahahaha....
I like to have some me time, every now and then..
I like to travel to new places, eventhough a lot of sacrifices need to be done.
I like to pretend that sometimes im still a little girl & live carefreely :D
I like DVD marathon moments ALOT.
I like spending times w/ boyfriend eventhough only for a little time.
I like riding a bike (but no racing!) hahaha..
I like facial treatment lately,feels like being pampered!
I like to think that i am a dog person, but sometimes i think im not :D
I like coffe ice cream, bu rarely drink the real thing.
I like like like like all things VINTAGE,specially 60 style clothing,totally ROCKS!
I LOVE MY LIFE!! yyyaaayyyy....

Today is the 28th day on 2010, how time flew so fast ;)
In some ways, i consider my self very content with what i have.

Happy mid Week :D kisses

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