Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the Resolution for 2010

ok....this seems like a very lame posting..[he he he] but i DO really have wishes that i WANT TO ACHIEVE in 2010 & put EXTRA EFFORT and emphasize more on my will power to make them REALITY!

So here they are :

1. Healthier Food Choices. Cut Back on fast food,snacks,fried foods.
2. Exercise More. Not to try to be Olympic Gymnastics or Queen of Triathlon but i do really have to loose some weight. During my last picnic trip abroad, i felt that this body is getting uncomfortable as i walk for countless hours of sightseeing, it was really a bummer!
3. Have more patience. Specially for my ever so kindly fiancee,because i think He deserves to be treated better :) :)
4. Make peace with workplace. yes i'm still searching for the RIGHT one, and maybe i still dont know when i can find it yet.But i think from this moment on, whatever comes ahead of me i just have to learn to bear with it & try HARDER to solve any problems that may come. Because moving to 1 workplace to another is NOT GONNA BE THE TOTAL FOREVER ETERNAL PROBLEM SOLVING. We have to be prepared for the next encounter which we dont know whether it will be BETTER or WORSE.
5. Give more to others. I think last year is allll about me me me, so i want to start doing small things/ small favour to adjacent others who needs it.
6. Start the new business asap.
7. Save more to fill our lovely home.
8. Pay more attention to enviromental issue. I started lessen my plastic usage since 2 years ago.I SAID NO TO PLASTIC BAGS & CARRY MY OWN BAGS to hold groceries & shopping things if I CAN. This year i will push my self MORE so i really can limit my PLASTIC USAGE.

I dont know whether i can still add up to the list,hopefully i can mark it all well this year!


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