Monday, January 25, 2010

Surprise January Trip

hi there! just wanna share some tidbits from our lovely small vacation on early january to Singapore & Kuala Lumpur :)

We plan this trip for about a month & surprise that we got the ticket,very cheap & the roundtrip flight was awesome !! (YAYY!! for TIGERAIRWAYS)

Day 1 : We took 20.05 flight, only slight delay & landed safely at about 11ish PM (sing time),for sure it was after 23.18! because thats the last MRT from changi budget to our hotel on Chinatown,so we took a cab ;D hahaha...yyyaaaaayyy!
Drop everything at the hotel and go for light dinner downstairs (so many yummy choices indeed!) at Smith Street.

Day 2 : a bit 'mistaken' itenerary, so first we stopped at Mustafa & really cant help ourselves with putting all that yummy thingy into the shopping basket (BIG MISTAKE!) hahahaha....kinda make the rest of the trip like a burden coz the chocolates are so DAMN HEAVY! after that we went to Little India (sadly it's really nothing cheery to see,back then it was my fave spot when i visit sing) so we continue our journey to One Fullerton (ssooooo touriiissstttty!), Bencoolen ,Bugis Village,Bugis Junction etc etc NOT REALLY THE TRIP'S HIGHLIGHT THOUGH ;)
(yes, i did SNAGGED that cute PAIRS from Charles & Keith, BOYFRIEND was BEYOND WONDERFUL...i lovvvveee youuuuu soooooo....)

Day 3 : Our favorite MOMENTS indeed!! First we spent half day at IKea Tampines and went ooohh-aaaahhh- at the very beautiful things there! too bad they cant shipped outside sing! MUST FIND A WAY! and later in the afternoon we spend the rest of the day @Sentosa...sooo happy ;)

Day 4 : off to KL (via woodlands) , took a cheap bus that stop at Larkin and find another bus that gonna take us to KL. Oh did that bus was a mistake too, turns out that the bus is not going directly to KL,instead they curve the route a little bit and stop at this small town called SEREMBAN and made our arrival way delayed! (thanks to all the calo-calo hahaha). Heavy rains welcomed us to the night at KL, our favorite Inn @ Bukit Bintang is CLOSED! (i think they went out of business) and we wandered for another budget hotel nearby & found this super duper cute HOSTELS : the GREEN HUT LODGE! awesome, half the sing's rate double the facility as in free wi-fi & free breakfast & hot water! SUPER KUDOS TO BOYFRIEND. i love you morree!

Day 5 : GENTING! dont like it! its's like an 80 something amusement park,DUFAN is way more fun!!the highlight ?? it was chilly ;) but ya, PUNCAK IS LIKE THAT ALSO WITH BETTER VIEW hahahaha....

Day 6 : Back to SING... lesson taken : NO CHEAP BUS! so we took the fanciest one we can find ;) & managed to arrive safely & on time! HAPPPY! we got a little bit of time to kill so....wheree??? BUGIS JUNCTION off course! hahahaha...snagged another pair of C&K (this time is not for me though,i SWEAR! hihi) and run straight to CHANGI BUDGET TERMINAL.
NOT FINISHED! there, boyfriend (AGAIN!) was sooooooo very-very kind and encourage me (& pay for them) to pick something for my face treatment (hello SK-II hello Miracle Water).
we landed safely on Jakarta again with a vey huge smile (maybe esp me yah..hahaha)

Dear boyfriend,
I love you.I Love you.I LOVE YOU!!
Simple words,for simple man like you
yet...everything you did for me is far from everything simple.
KISSES! ;) ;)

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