Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Flesh of Blood you once Loved

feel so numb
but this time it is real
daunting my night
and bleak my day

Relentless eclipse episode
i can't feel the warmth of rays
yet i just can't hide from its scorching heat!
[dark,so dark, even with eyes wide open]

i hear murmur
voices from different language
the words i can't digest
the sentences i can't comprehend

the weigh of thousand kilos of chain
tied up both of my leg
unable to catch the dream i weave

weaved once upon a time with you
under a perfect spring sun
under a serene morning dew

and here i am screaming from the top of my lungs
[in silence]

how can this be
how can this be
how can this be

and i just feel like
we are talking from a different time
we are just not within the same wavelength

and everything is just so useless...

Editor's Note:
Attempt to collect & and gather all my poems in to one book
yet i still find a hard time sorting all the pieces
so, here's hoping xD

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