Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little Letter

Dear a cup of Hot Choco,
Why is it so hard to find you today
i completely froze inside my room :(

Dear my lovely room,
I'm so sorry that i haven't really able to do
the supposedly weekly chores..and makes you like a mess!

Dear my hair,
Please grow thicker & faster

Dear Peanut Butter,
I just can't help my self
Licking the spoon from your jar
(sometimes in the middle of the night)

Dear husband to be,
Oh GAWDDDD...time is running out!!
have we been a total slacker to prepare all things?
hihihihi..... *baaad!!*
i just wanna say that really looking forward
in waiting to be your annoying wife! ha-ha!!
i love you sooooooo much XD XD XD


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