Monday, June 21, 2010

Personal Style.. Have we found ours yet?

For as long as i can remember, fashion is always a thing that draws my attention.
i will never intentionally call myself stylish or fashion concious or even saying -BLATANTLY- that i'm a trendy person.
But the attraction is more like im always drawn to sketches,fabrics,applications,cutting and colors.
These things combined,and you put it on to someone fit, not as in supermodel fit, but really can hold the style together, i think the dress will compliment the person and not the other way around.

Growing up, i always had an itch about vintage & retro styles.
Anything embroidered (hand, no mass production machine emroidery please!), polka dot pattern, full skirts,flowy flowery dresses drive me to the edge.Immediately!(if not sooner, ha-ha hello Stanford Blatch! xD)
So that pretty much is always my style.
From early teenager years until im now a woman of 32 years old.

I have never dress formally,even for office purposes.
Luckily, my creative works allow me to do such thing.
It is always refreshing to be able to dress not in suits.
There are those occasional big meetings that i have to obey dress codes.
But the occasions are pretty rare! xD

For references i have several fave places that guarantee,if i visit those place there's only a very slim chance i will come home empty handed.
My fave-fave-fave top of the top with cherry toppings place is PASAR GEDE BAGE,Bandung,West Java.
This huge flea market holds a very rich collection of vintage dresses, old jeans, Velvet Skirts, Sheer Dressses, Summer woven Bags, Cute Glasses and tons other!
I'm not ashamed to admit that part of my collection comes from this place.
Ofcourse we really have to be careful about the products' quality.Basically what you see is what you get!
But peruse away, look closely! and you will never regret.
I once found a cute jeans shorts for US$ 1. Dress for US$2 and so on ;)
The treatment for these garments is actually easy but always underline the cleanlines of the products.Always wash and steam them all with HOT WATER! Bring to the nearest laundry service if you must.

And the other great places is some Trade Centers and private label boutiques
(not the lavish,expensive ones offcourse,but tini tiny ones that hold personal style! ;) )

Have you began to wonder, what influence your style the most?
Is it Trends (from magazines,celeb,movies etc)? Circle of friends? Wallet Conditions? Parental or Social Upbringing? Religic Background?
Neverthelss, everything is so worthy to be explore.

Fashion is fun. And maybe most people see that fashion is shallow and people dont take it seriously.
But there are more than just to put fancy something something.
There are actually lots and lots of work put in there.
Efforts done. Miracles created.

So for you to put and decide what clothes you'll put on today is something serious.
If you dont take yourself seriously, who will ??

So have you found yours, yet?

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