Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December :)

waaaa.... it's almost end of year, me terribly happy! husband managed to sneak me into his business trip to Thailand this weekend.So i'm preparing things (ha, i know by preparing means listing places to see,food to eat, and endless narcisistic photo session plans)and hope that i wont forget anything.
This is like the 100th of time i will step foot in the land of White Elephant Land, and every trip always excites me.I LOVE THAILAND.
Needless to say that food choices is almost never bad (Those mouth watering fruits,fish snacks,pork chips..bla bla bla). And places to see is guaranteed always MORE THAN GREAT!!
But rumour has it that Suan Lum, my fave-fave fave place is shrinking half its size because of the last riot.i dunno.gotta check it.
Chatucak is still on the list. Husband put his itenerary in ours,wanna know what it is? we are going to see the famous MYSTICAL TATTOO ARTIST :) :). Im as intrigued as he is.
I plan to see IKEA,Pratunam Market, and i dunno lotsa others.
Is it MBK gone already? ckckck...

I hope this trip will be divine.

Can't hardly wait XD

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