Friday, December 17, 2010

happy weekend

what's your weekend plan? i will be fully booked with some cooking activities,wire jewelry class, and some minor chores.Husband is away on a fishing trip @Binuangen, he is ecstatic,spent the entire nigh last nite packing & listing all the things he need tomorrow.Thank God i found the loose capucheon jacket that he like at ITC yesterday.He needs it.though the color is a bit cringe-y (soft purple)!! hahaha. It was the only loose shirt they have w/ capucheon, others are with very thick material (jacket like).It's not what he needed.
I actually plan on going back to east java this end of year,but oh NOOOOOO!! the ticket prices are syrocket high :) it will not be very wise to stick on the plan.need to resched.
i miss baby deanna soooooo much. this dear niece of mine is getting cuter by the day, my lil sister (her mom) thinks she's a handfull but still, CUTE THE MAXXXX!! miss youuu!! X]
as for the office matters,things went blahs n nothing worth reported :P :P it feels like only counting the days pass by..funniest thing, i actually FORGOT that i will be on duty this saturday, so more office time for moiii!!! *SIGH*
ok now, it is almost 5, i need to pack and going back home :) ENJOY THIS SAT & SUNDAY ALL(picture above is somewhat irrelevant with this posting, but wth, hehehe)

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