Monday, December 20, 2010

Health Progress Update

let's see, how far i've come since last year. i have made a pact that i need to loose weight earlier this year. and then i've tried.HARD. i lost about 16 kg.
For 2011 my resultion is loose another 5 kgs. and i feel it will be a harder jouney.
My body is in the comfort zone now. putting on anything or didnt put on anything the weight is still remaining THE SAME. truth is, a bit tired sometimes & wanna put it on a autopilot mode for a while.And i did for the last couple of month i didnt really dieting or being strict.but not went over board also on the food thingy. i eat regularly like a normal person does. (whatever defintion for normal is) hahaha.

But now, i want to be back on track.FAST LANE.FAST SPEED.
So the goal for 2011 is to continue my regular exercise (hopefully i can commit to three times a week) and back to non rice meal :P

If you wanna know my diet & exercise plan, you can update me by reading it daily.
I will update my progress (weight & meal). I do this in order to have a better overall feelings bout my health in the long term.

Ok here's my weekly plan :
MONDAY ==== Weight : 59 kg

bfast : a bowl of cereal >> DONE
lunch : 1 portion of green / leafy veggies + 1 portion of meat (no rice) >> DONE
afternoon : rujak without the palm sugar dressing
night : 1 portion of veggies + 1 small portion of meat (no rice)

drinks = plenty of water & sugarless tea >> DONE, tx God i'm not a heavy fan of sweet beverages

exercise = 1 hour cardio, devided into 4 sessions.

I will update daily of my accomplishment whether i succed or bend a little bit from the route. :) :)

Let's plan and do some action. Eat healthily live actively.EVERYDAY.

Happy MONDAY :) cheers
meanwhile, let's check my newest beautiful acqusition :) to cheer up my diet plan

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